Outdoor Enclosure
This is an enclosed run for the cats to be able to enjoy, so they can experience the outdoors safely. There is also a cat house which has a kitty condo, two windows, lots of toys, a litter box and food & water. It does have air conditioning and heat as well. When the girls are in heat, the boys are quite content being outside in this enclosure. They simply love being able to go outside to enjoy the fresh air and to sunbathe. They also love to watch the birds and chase bugs.  My husband put a lot of time and thought into this when he built it. I love this setup very much and so do the cats!   Thank you Bill !

We have added two new cat houses.  Axle, our ALC has his own house and outdoor enclosure.  The boys also have their own house and enclosures. Pictures will be posted soon!  The enclosure pictured below is for the girls and for our other cats to enjoy on pretty days.  =)
There are 2 cat doors that the cats can use to go outside.
One goes out onto the upper level of the gym under the canopy.  They  climb up and down the ladder.  The other cat door comes out at the bottom into the yard.  The cats LOVE climbing on the rocks!
The outside play area is large and spacious.  In the Spring, we are going to build
lots of things for them to climb, play and scratch on.
The air conditioner will keep it cool in the Summer.   :-)
This window is in the back of the house. They can see the back side of the yard and the woods.
This is the side window. They can look out in their play area from this window. They can also see us when we come out to the house.
This is a Climastar heater. We have it set to keep the house a warm 68 - 73 degrees.  If you look closely at the bottom, you can see the night light I have for them.  :-)
In this picture, you can see the radio. We leave this on 24 hours a day. On the left  you can see the digital thermometer. I can monitor the temperature from inside our house.
They love the fountain we added. It has lights in it that make it really pretty at night.  We also have 8 solar lights that keep it lit up at night.  There is also lots of catnip and catmint. We still have a lot that we are going to add.
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