We honor our waiting list, so those that have placed a deposit  (holding fee)  will have first pick of any available kittens. Second pick and so on, will be given in the order in which their name was placed on the waiting list.
We accept POSTAL money orders, personal checks or cash for the Deposit. 
Any balance due on day of pickup, must be cash only due to checks being returned. 

** Please note that the balance on the kitten must be paid in full by the time the kitten is 8 weeks old. 

Kittenís Sire: _____________________________________________________

Kittenís Dam: _____________________________________________________

Kittenís Date of Birth: _______________________________________  

Color / Markings: __________________________________  Sex: ___________

Name: __________________________________________________________

Price of Kitten:  $__________  +   Sales Tax for KY residents 6%   $___ ______   
X___ Pet Only             ___ with breeding rights

TOTAL COST OF KITTEN:  $____________________________________

Pet kittens will be spayed/neutered prior to going home, unless an agreement has been
made between both BUYER and SELLER.
The alter fee is included in the purchase price of the kitten unless otherwise noted.

A deposit in the amount of  ______________ , has been received from
     ______________________________________ (purchaser),  and will be
     applied toward the purchase price of the kitten. The remaining balance of

     $_____________________________   must be paid before the kitten leaves my home.

The purpose of this deposit is to ensure the BUYERS intent to purchase the kitten named herein. This kitten is being held for the BUYER and will not be sold to another buyer unless the BUYER indicates in writing that he/she has changed his/her mind, and releases the kitten to be sold to another buyer. Any breach of contract, whether verbal, written or through neglect or avoidance to communicate on the BUYERS  part can jeopardize the chance of that particular kitten to be placed in a home while they are still of a desirable age.  
Therefore; if the BUYER changes his/her mind about purchasing this kitten
for any reason,  the BUYER forfeits the deposit,  as the DEPOSIT IS NOT REFUNDABLE. This also includes any
pre-birth deposits. A pre-birth deposit, is a deposit received before kittens are born.
If something happens that is out of the BUYER's control. The BUYER may pick
a kitten from another litter at a later time.
Please be sure that you are committed to purchasing a kitten before placing a deposit. 
Deposit is NOT refundable. !

*** KyBengalBabyz reserves the right to deny any sale deemed not in the best interest of our kittens.
In this case, the deposit would be refunded. 
*** A 6% Sales Tax must be collected on all kittens sold to KY residents. The KY Sales and Usage Tax Permit is posted in my home as required by the State of KY. It is also on our website.

This deposit agreement also serves as a receipt for the amount of the deposit.  If something would happen that is beyond the Sellers control, the deposit is non - refundable but will be transferred to another litter/kitten.  If this is a pre-birth deposit agreement, the Buyer understands that there is no guarantee on a specific date or time that a litter will be available. Buyer understands that there may be events beyond the Sellerís control, and the best interest of the cats must be considered at all times.  Seller will do everything possible to make the wait as short as possible. Kittens are ready to go anywhere from 12 weeks of age solely at the Sellerís discretion. 
* Deposit is not refundable,  this also includes pre-birth deposits.
Please be sure you are committed to purchasing a kitten before placing a deposit.

** By signing this Deposit Agreement, BUYER confirms that he/she has read the Deposit Agreement AND the 
Purchase Agreement Contract  (which will be signed the day the kitten leaves my home),
and has agreed to all of the stipulations. 
________  initial  
** BUYER agrees that the stipulations in the Purchase Agreement Contract are in effect once
the BUYER  has signed the Deposit Agreement.   
________ initial

Buyer Information:

Name: __________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________


Phone Number / E-Mail: ____________________________________________

Buyer Signature: __________________________________________________

Seller Signature: __________________________________________________

Date: ____________________________

*** KyBengalBabyz reserves the right, as the breeder,  to keep the first pick of any litter for their breeding program.

*** A  6%  sales tax must be collected on all pets sold to Kentucky
residents.  I have the  "Sales and Usage Tax Permit"   displayed in my home where it can be seen by everybody.   I can provide you with a number to call the IRS in Ky to verify.

KyBengalBabyz reserves the right to refuse to sell any kitten/cat at anytime for any reason.  In this case, the deposit will be refunded.  KyBengalBabyz cats/kittens are the sole property of KyBengalBabyz and should be regarded as such until the kitten/cat is in the possession of the Buyer and the ownership contract has been signed by both the Buyer and Seller.
Kitten Deposit Agreement
Revised July 2016