For PET kittens / cats
(In addition to this agreement, there is an addendum to the contract for kittens that have breeding rights.)
NAME OF CAT / KITTEN: ______________________________________________________

COLOR / MARKINGS: ____________________________________

SEX: ____________    DATE OF BIRTH: ___________________________________________

DAM: __________________________________   TICA Reg # SBT______________________

SIRE: ___________________________________  TICA Reg # SBT ______________________

MICROCHIP ID: __________________________ Date Chip was Implanted: ________________

PRICE OF KITTEN / CAT: _________________ Date Transferred to BUYER: _____________

KY SALES TAX:  __________        TOTAL PRICE: ___________________________________

NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT: ______________  BALANCE: ________________________

BUYERS NAME: _______________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________________


PHONE / E-MAIL ADDRESS:  ____________________________________________________


This PET kitten/cat has been spayed/neutered by a Licensed Veterinarian, and has been
        microchipped.    Date of spay/neuter:  ___________________________
         The blue TICA registration paper will be given to BUYER when they take the kitten home.

       ** If other arrangements have been made, and BUYER is having the kitten spayed/neutered, BUYER agrees
           to mail the spay/neuter certificate to the SELLER. The kitten must be altered on or before the date
           specified. The vets letterhead must be on the certificate from the licensed veterinarian that
           performed the alter.  Once received, the SELLER will mail the blue TICA registration paper to BUYER.
           The kitten must be altered no later than
___________________     or legal action will be taken, and
           BUYER will owe SELLER $2000 for breach of contract (liquidated damages).

                                       _____________________________    BUYER signature

A BREEDER is sold with full registration, breeding rights and a signed contract. All registration, pedigree and  
        ownership papers be given to the BUYER when the kitten is picked up.

1) This kitten / cat is guaranteed to be in good health to the best of our knowledge, at the time the BUYER takes ownership. The BUYER has 72 hours to take the kitten / cat to a licensed Veterinarian to be fully examined. This kitten / cat is guaranteed to be free from having (FeLV) Feline Leukemia Virus and (FIV) Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, aka Feline Aids. (SELLER cannot be held accountable for future of  FeLV, FIV, FIP, or any other bacterial / viral infections or infectious diseases, parasites or fungus, due to the fact that these can be contracted anywhere in the environment after leaving my home and are not a result of genetics or breeding.)  This kitten / cat will also be current on all core vaccines (4 way killed - Feline Rhinotracheitis, Calici,  Panleukopenia, Chlamydia) according to its age. Rabies vaccine is given at 16 weeks of age. If the BUYER immunizes this kitten / cat for FIP, FIV or FeLV, the Health Guarantee shall be null and void. There will be NO replacement or monetary refunds of kittens / cats that have been declawed or given any of the three vaccines mentioned above. BUYER agreed to never declaw this kitten / cat. {See paragraph 6 about not declawing.}  A health record is included in the packet you receive with the kitten / cat. The SELLER is not responsible for any medical expenses incurred by the BUYER after the transfer of the said kitten / cat to its new owner. Visit the website below for information on which vaccines to give and NOT give.  Copy and paste in your browser. Http://
____  buyers initials   

2) This cat / kitten cannot be guaranteed to be free from Feline Enteric Corona Virus (FeCV). It is estimated by research physicians that 93.7% of all cats have contracted FeCV.  FeCV can, on rare occasions, “mutate” and cause the fatal disease Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). The effectiveness of the FIP vaccine is still controversial. Many researchers and veterinarians believe it can create enough stress on the feline immune system to actually cause the disease. Although research is continuing, at this time there no one knows exactly why this disease occurs, or how to prevent it.  There is no vaccine for FeCV. Therefore, this entire Health Guarantee is null and void if the FIP vaccine is administered to this kitten / cat. There are many strains of FeCV. Most just cause kitty cold like symptoms, and the cats recover with no problems.  I do have some web sites listed that can explain this. There are also links on the “Link” page. Once again, the BREEDER / SELLER cannot guarantee that any cat or kitten will never contract this disease . . . NO BREEDER can. There is no definitive test for FIP without a post mortem necropsy PLUS full histology.
____ buyers initials     {Read paragraph 3} 

3) However, should this kitten die from FIP before one year of age, the SELLER will replace the kitten under the following conditions:

1) Complete necropsy, histopathology and microscopic examination of tissue by a
      trained pathologist must be performed.

2) Written and Signed necropsy report must be received by the SELLER.

3) A waiting period of 6 weeks from the time of death must pass before bringing a
      new kitten into the home.  SELLER cannot guarantee a time frame for another kitten. The wait time will be as
      short as possible.

4) BUYER must grant access to vet records to SELLER, and will also allow SELLER to speak with BUYERS Vet.
    If BUYER has had any sick cats around this Bengal kitten, or any cats that have passed from FIP or from any 
    illness that their Vet believes was FIP, then SELLER cannot replace the kitten.

5) If you already have a cat in your home, please keep in mind, that he/she may be shedding the virus in their
    stool. I will replace the kitten one time, but if it happens again, it is most likely being spread by the resident
    cat. The replacement kitten will be from a different set of parent cats, and will be of equal monetary value (price
    paid for the first cat), the same color, coat pattern and sex.

For more information on this disease, please visit these websites on the "Links" page:

4) We guarantee our kittens for 1 year against life threatening congenital / genetic defects that might not be obvious at an early age. If the kitten becomes ill within one year of ownership, the SELLER will replace the kitten with another kitten of equal quality / value.  (price paid for the first cat)    The illness MUST be a life threatening 
genetic / congenital problem. This does not include conditions or infections such as colds, URI’s, viruses (including FIP), parasites or bacterial infections that infect the intestinal tract, such as Giardia, Coccidiosis, or Tritrichomonas Foetus. These types of parasites are not always found on a routine fecal loop. Everything is kept clean and sanitary to help prevent these types of infections.  Replacement PET kittens will be the same sex, color and have the same coat pattern as the first kitten, and will be of equal quality / value.  ( of the same quality/price paid for the first cat)  The kitten will be altered before it leaves the SELLER'S home. The BUYER is responsible for the Veterinary cost of the replacement kitten. This includes the alter, vaccines, vet checks and microchip. ($300) There is no charge for the kitten, but the owner/buyer is responsible for the vet care provided before the kitten goes home. BUYER is also responsible for any shipping expenses for the replacement kitten. Replacement kittens are only given in place of a cat/kitten that has passed away due to life threatening reasons above. There are no replacements for kittens/cats returned for any other reason.
____ buyers initials  

** If you are no longer able to keep your Bengal, the BUYER agrees to contact the SELLER, and provide us the right of first refusal to re-take ownership of this kitten / cat, OR to assist in finding a suitable home.   [There will be NO financial/monetary return, there will be NO replacement.]  If you have a friend or family member that is willing to adopt the cat, that is fine.   We love our babies and do not want them to end up in a shelter or in any other kind of bad situation. Under no circumstances will this cat/kitten be sold, leased or given away, or sold to any pet shop, advertised / sold on Craigslist or similar sites, research laboratory or similar facility. The BUYER will return the Bengal to the SELLER with all TICA papers and health records from the Veterinarian. If the cat/kitten is returned to the Seller because they can no longer keep the cat for any reason, the BUYER agrees to pay all expenses. (The deposit is non refundable. The money from the deposit will cover these costs)  These costs include, but are not limited to;  shipping costs, mileage and kitten/cats vaccines/re-examination expense of the Seller’s Veterinarian. There will be NO financial/monetary return, there will be NO replacement.  Our babies will always have a home to come back to. Again, SELLER does not refund money on cats/kittens returned. IF Seller is able to rehome the cat for a rehoming fee, expenses (vet expenses and care for cat come off of the top of any rehoming fee. Any money left over will be given to original Buyer. (There are no guarantees because unfortunately, age does play a huge factor as does the markings of the cats coat, or if there are behavioral issues) 

** If this cat / kitten is found to be neglected or mistreated in any way, the BUYER will surrender the kitten / cat to the SELLER with any and all papers, with NO financial return. 

** This cat / kitten is not to be left outside unattended. Bengals enjoy going outside on a leash or harness, but do not ever leave them outside alone! 

**  Seller is not liable for the effects of errors and / or mishandling on the part of the Buyer, or during Buyer’s possession. This includes but is not limited to;   litterbox issues, scratching on furniture or temperment issues.  The environment, whether it be stress or cleanliness, or how the cat is treated has a huge impact on the mentioned issues.  The cat must be provided with the appropriate cat furniture / toys for him/her to satisfy their need to scratch. Many times, it is medical.  For example; UTI, FLUTD and Parasites, just to name a few. Please see a Veterinarian before giving up on your cat.

** If the Buyer ever transfers ownership or possession of the cat to a friend/family member, the Buyer must notify the Breeder prior to the transfer and provide the Breeder with the name, address, and phone number of the new owner or caregiver. [Why? In case, for instance, we learn something about a previously unknown health problem from relatives of this cat that we need to alert the owner about, etc.]

____ buyers initials   

6) This kitten is not to be declawed. It is very cruel and inhumane. My cats and kittens use a scratching post. If you provide them with one, there should be no problems. It is completely unnecessary. Declawing is a serious and extremely painful surgery that involves amputating the last joint of the cats toes. Bengals have large feet and toes, and are more seriously affected than most breeds. Cats that are declawed may develop physical, emotional and behavioral problems such as poor balance, insecurity and biting. Declawed cats may quit using the litter box because digging can cause pain. Declawing is now banned in more than 22 countries around the world. To learn more about the “truth” about declawing, please visit these websites:  THERE WILL BE NO REPLACEMENT ON A CAT OR KITTEN THAT HAS BEEN DECLAWED . . .  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!  THE HEALTH GUARANTEE WILL ALSO BE NULL AND VOID!!              (please see other web pages on our "links" page about declawing )
____ initial I, (BUYER) have read about NOT declawing, and I agree that this kitten / cat
        WILL NOT be declawed.

1) In the event that any part of the Purchase Agreement is found to be in default, the BUYER understands and agrees that he/she will be liable for punitive damages and any legal fees that may result. Also, the cat / kitten must be returned to the SELLER with its TICA papers and health records, without any refunds or legal recourse from the BUYER.

2) BUYER agrees to grant SELLER access to all Veterinary records on this cat/ kitten.      
3) If, for any reason, the BREEDER / SELLER should go out of business, the health / replacement guarantee will become null and void.

4) It is understood and agreed that no warranty or representation has been made with respect with the said kitten / cat, except in this specific written agreement.

5) This contract is NON-TRANSFERABLE. The Health Guarantee is only valid with the first BUYER that the SELLER has a signed contract with. If the kitten / cat is sold, traded or given to anyone else, it will void all guarantees . . . NO exceptions! The guarantee is also void if you have allowed the kitten to be outside. SELLER is not responsible for any vet care cost incurred by the BUYER.  BUYER will owe SELLER $2000.00 for any breach in the contract. In addition, the said cat/kitten will be returned to SELLER with ALL health records and TICA registration with NO financial return.

6)  The terms of this contract and any business dealings between SELLER and BUYER shall remain confidential. Never is any negative information such as disputes to be posted publicly on the internet or elsewhere by BUYER or BUYERS friends, family, etc.  Disputes will be settled between Seller and Buyer privately and will not be aired in a public forum including but not limited to, Yahoo Group Lists, Facebook, the Internet, other social media or by any other means.  Slander will result in KyBengalBabyz filing a lawsuit.  We keep ALL contracts and emails, texts, etc. 

7)  NO CASH REFUNDS.  All health guarantees are void if cat/kitten is declawed, given the FIP, FIV, or  (FeLV) Feline Leukemia vaccination.

____  I, (BUYER) have read and agree to all *7  statements above.

** This contract is legally binding to both parties. Any changes to the above terms and conditions must be in writing, and agreed upon by both parties. All disputes regarding this contract are to be litigated in Pendleton County, State of Kentucky, based upon the laws effective in SELLER’S  home jurisdiction. BUYER is responsible for all court and attorney fees for both BUYER and SELLER, resulting from such litigation.

The BUYER has read and agrees to the above Contract for Purchase and its Terms of Sale.  Failure to comply with the standards set forth above will result in breech of contract (liquidated damages)  and BUYER will be subject to a penalty fee of $2000

X __________________________________    ____________________
                    BUYER’S SIGNATURE                                        DATE

The BUYER understands that at no time, for any reason, that there will be no monetary refund of the purchase price / vet bills / legal fees / Sales Tax or any other bills made by the BUYER. My signature on this contract CERTIFIES that I, the BUYER, have read and fully understand the Contract. I, the BUYER, accept and agree to abide by its terms as applicable to me. Any “clauses” added by the SELLER will be noted and signed by both SELLER and BUYER.

X __________________________________    _____________________
                   SELLER’S SIGNATURE                                         DATE

Revised  8/2013


If cats are vaccinated against FIV and one of them is lost, or simply gets picked up by an animal control officer, it will likely be destroyed as an FIV-positive cat. There is simply no way of knowing which "positive" cat is truly infected and which cat has simply been vaccinated against FIV. It is no wonder that the reception of this vaccine has been less than enthusiastic among the greater community of cat lovers, particularly in the U.S., where FIV strikes only 2% of the cats "at risk."     ( If a cat has been vaccinated for FIV,  please have the cat microchipped and include information to the microchip company so they can make note on the file. If the cat is scanned, the vet or shelter will know that the cat has been vaccinated, and not assume the FIV test is positive. )

** We will take back any of our cats or kittens being returned for litter box issues, or for any other reason. When they leave our home, I make sure that they are using the litter box faithfully.  In their new home, changes can cause them to use the potty in inappropriate places.   These changes can be a new baby, another pet being brought into the home,  even a fear of something, etc. A health issue can be the cause. For example, a urinary tract infection, cancer, etc.  The environment in general can be the cause. Whether it be cleanliness in the house, a dirty litter box, a cat bring yelled at or smacked.   I am here to help you resolve the problem. When I take a cat/kitten back, I have to take it to the vet for a checkup and any needed vaccines and tests. I am sure if you were bringing a cat into your home that had been in someone else's home, you would want to be sure it was healthy before you took it around your other pets. I know I would. It can be hard to place an older kitten. I may have it in my home for a while before it finds a new home. I will do my best to find it a new home as soon as possible, but the vet visit and the care given here must be taken off the top. I will to try to recover as much as I can, but unfortunately the cats age does come into play. Older kittens sell for less, minus the vet care, etc.  Most of the time, adult cats are placed in a home with someone who already has a cat from KyBengalBabyz. They are placed with NO REHOMING FEE, but with the understanding that the cat must come back here if it does not work out in their new home. This is understood by the Buyer, and should a problem arise, the Buyer will do what is in the best interest of the cat/kitten.  There is NO financial/monetary refund from the SELLER.     
________ buyers initials       _______  sellers initial


NOTES: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________