Is an F1 Bengal or Early Generation Bengal Cat Right For You?
The F1 Bengal is everything the SBT Bengals are . . .  and then some!
Below is information that describes the Early Generation Bengal Cat.  Please
do your research on these cats. They are beautiful, but are definitely NOT for
everybody!  These cats are a lifetime commitment. They do not do well if they have to be rehomed for any reason. They bond with their family and it is very hard on them if
they have to be rehomed. I have seen this first hand, and the gentleman who made major changes and sacrifices will tell you that this is absolutely correct.  I kept his F1 for him
when he fell on hard times, and his cat never adjusted. He lost weight and was grieving for him.  This cat was only 8 months old at the time.  He had to make the decision to
move in with his mother in a small apartment.  When he came back for his F1 Bengal, this cat made noises that sounded like a human baby crying.  I believe we were all ready to cry.  The cat licked his face and could not get close enough to his "dad".  
All ended well for this cat, but please make sure you can give your
Early Generation Bengal a lifetime commitment and forever home!
The Early Generation Bengals (F1, F2 and F3)  are a hybrid that needs to be with someone that is truly a Cat Person.  You MUST love cats and everything that they do.  You need to love them for their independence and willingness to bond and be loved.  Each of these cats has a different personality and will insist that you follow their rules.  You can intimidate and frighten them,  but you cannot force them to do something that they do not want to do.  If you are capable of listening to their needs and desires, then you may be the right person to be owned by these beautiful cats.  I hand raise my Early Generation Bengal Cats.  I bottle feed them from 2 weeks of age until weaned. This is done to put the human imprint on them.  The socialization does not stop there. When you take your baby home, you must continue socializing them, or they can quickly revert back to their wild instincts.  Some may bond with one person, while another may bond with many people. Once that bond has been made,  it is a feeling like no other.  Having them interact with as many people, other pets, and having them in many different situations, is the best thing you can do.  You must interact and play with them as much as possible.

These cats are talkers, and can talk loudly when they want to. Their voices are distinctly different than any other cat.  They sound angry, and they grumble and make a spit sound when frightened or while playing.  These are just the noised they make.  They love neck rubs, shoulder rides, a game of fetch, and even showers and/or a bath! 

They are also little thieves. They will take things from your purse or from drawers . . . from pens to jewelry, glasses, hair bands, toys, papers, makeup or anything they can fit into their mouth!  They have "special"  hiding places for these things too.  Of course they aren't too happy when you find that "special" hiding spot, and they will give you an earful.

They will also eat things that are NOT good for them.  They will eat hair bands, rubber bands, styrofoam,  Nerf balls, newspaper, paper towels, toilet paper, cloth towels and socks!!   You must be prepared to "child proof" your home.  Look at it this way, they will help you to start keeping things picked up, and also to keep laundry in its proper place.  =)
If you found all of this funny, then the Early Generation Bengals are for you!
Most of these also go for the regular SBT Bengals.  Just remember, the Early Generation Bengals are EXTREME in everything they do . . .  An Early Generation Bengal is like an SBT Bengal times ten!!
I cannot imagine my life without my F1.  Once you have that bond,  they will love you unconditionally, and will follow you around like a dog does.  They are like living with a
two year old child.  To see if they are right for you, please visit with us to see an F1 in person.