Available Kittens
UPDATED 8/28/2023  
Kittens Available NOW!!
Text / email for pics!
KyBengalBabyz reserves the right to refuse to sell any kitten/cat at anytime for any reason.  In this case, the deposit will be refunded.  KyBengalBabyz cats/kittens are the sole property of KyBengalBabyz and should be regarded as such until the kitten/cat is in the possession of the Buyer and the ownership contract has been signed by both the Buyer and Seller.
** When we have kittens available, there are different terms we use as to what is available:
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On Hold - This means the kitten is still being evaluated by us, but may  become available.   Feel free to inquire.

Keeper -  This means the kitten will be staying here, and is not available.

Pending-  This means a deposit is expected and a commitment has been made to reserve the kitten.  Please 
                   feel free to inquire, as the kitten may become available if the deposit is not received.  We allow
                   one week from the date we are told you are sending a deposit. If it is not received within 1 week,
                   the kitten will be made available to others.

Reserved -  This means a deposit has been placed to hold this kitten. This kitten is not available.

Available -  This means the kitten is available to an approved home.
*** I will send pictures of the kittens as often as I can.  I  work a full time job, in addition to taking care of the kitties, keeping up on housework and also raising two of my grand children.  Life gets in the way sometimes, but I try my very best to get current pictures of your new family member as often as I can.
Sasha x Jabar                                            born June 16                            Ready early September!
Molly x Jabar                                             born July 4